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New Feedback From an Adult Operated by Dr Khan

Written on “I want great care “ by a private patient at Thornhill Circumcision Centre, Luton

6th March 2021
Dr. Khan is a knowledgeable doctor and well experienced. I highly recommend him because he will give attention to detail to the surgery. Everything went well and he will give a simple and best advice to follow afterwards. The staff at the clinic were very polite and considerate.

9th March 2021

The operation went very smoothly. Doctor Khan Explained the operation in an excellent manner. I felt comfortable during the whole experience and he gave me crucial tips for my recovery.the receptionists were also amazing. Very cheerful and caring. I strongly recommend doctor Khan and his staff.

25 Feb 2021

Amazing experience, everything was clear and concise. The doctor knows exactly what he is doing. Would recommend.

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