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Adult circumcision with glue and stitches under local anaesthesia at Thornhill Circumcision Centre, Luton

The widespread acceptance of adult local anaesthesia circumcision in the community remains debatable. We report outcomes (Glue and Stiches) from a dedicated GP clinic over two year period. Patient demographics, indications and postoperative complications were recorded prospectively.

Of 373 circumcisions (glue n=269 and stitches n=103), 230 patients had therapeutic indications including 63 (17%) balanitis xerotica obliterans and 11 (2.9%) had minor complications (infection n=6, bleeding n=2 and redo n=3) with no significant difference between the two groups.

Circumcision performed in adults remains a safe surgical option under local anaesthesia in dedicated GP surgeries.

Dr. A R Khan has performed 143 cases during this period. Four cases have a minor infection and one case has a minor bleeding. This means most of the cases have an excellent result after adult circumcision (Glue n=134 and stitches n=9). Glue circumcision in adults gives result with less pain and excellent cosmetic results. 

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