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4 Tips to Getting Better Sleep

Mar 11, 2020

By Christianne McNeill

Photography by Ron Beaver

We get it, your life is hectic! Our lives are super hectic here at Alice Magazine and we’re always complaining that we didn’t get enough sleep or we’re not sleeping well lately. We blame it on stress or Mercury Retrograde or hormones, even. Whatever the case may be, better sleep improves our physical and emotional health! We asked our Editor in Chief, Melissa Rodwell, if she has any advice on getting better zzzzz’s and she believes that poor sleep “habits” are the keys to why we’re an overly-tired world. Here are her 4 tips that she tries to implement into her “sleep ritual” on a nightly basis!

1. Keep your bedroom cool!

Being a Californian native, Melissa is used to leaving the windows open for fresh air at night. But that’s not really possible during the cold winter months in NYC. But she can’t sleep in a room that has the heater blasting so she keeps her bedroom at about 68 degrees. (She does admit to using a small space heater close to her bed for a little warm “breeze” which she agrees sounds crazy)

2. No caffeine after 2 PM

Yeah, we know! That is nearly impossible especially when you are on a deadline or have back to back meetings that go into the evening hours. But she really tries hard to stick to this admitting that drinking coffee later in the day can really affect her sleep. We guess it’s worth a try?

3. No Phones in the Bedroom

UGH! We know…..you’re so important that you have to check your email and Instagram every 5 minutes in case that important post or email comes in. However, Melissa says that staying glued to that device and even reading one negative email or post or even a stressful email can keep her up well past midnight so she makes it a rule (most of the time) to keep her cell phone in the other room at bedtime.

4. Magnesium

Melissa is a firm believer and user of supplements and Magnesium tops her list for sleeping aids. She doesn’t like to take stronger sleep aids because she wakes up feeling groggy from them. But Magnesium helps quiet her mind, relax her muscles and fall into a deep, refreshing sleep. She suggests taking it 1 – 2 hours before bedtime.

Photography by Ron Beaver

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