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8,000+ Painless Circumcisions

Circumcision in London for Newborns, Children & Adults

Our specialist team of GMC-registered doctors provides circumcision for newborns, children, and adults with 28 years of experience. We specialise in glue, staplers, plastic ring and revision circumcisions with frenuloplasty for excellent results.
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London Circumcision Centre

At the London Circumcision Centre, we are proud to be pioneers in the field of circumcision, driven by a commitment to excellence and compassion. We aim to redefine standards in circumcision practice in our community by focusing on safety, innovation, and patient-centric care.

Our clinic has top ratings, complies with all CQC regulatory requirements and uses cutting-edge modern techniques such as Circumplast, Staplers, and Glue circumcision to ensure that every patient receives the highest quality of care.
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Newborn Circumcision

Circumplast is a better option than Plastibell for newborn circumcision to minimise complications and ensure better healing.

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Boys Circumcision

Painless circumcision for boys of all ages, performed to ensure a comfortable and stress-free for both the child and their family.

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Adult Circumcision

We offer various adult circumcision techniques including frenuloplasty and preputioplasty, with expertise in high/low cut and tight/loose methods.

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Circumcision Revision

Redo circumcision corrects scarring and appearance issues, offering expert second opinions and skin bridge excisions.

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Phimosis Treatment

Effective solutions for cracked and tight foreskin, ranging from conservative methods to surgical options.

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Our Specialists

Meet Our Team

Dr AR Khan
Paediatric Surgeon/Urologist

Dr. A R Khan


Dr Aqeel Safdar
Paediatric Surgeon

Dr. Aqeel Safdar


Dr. Raveen Sandher
Consultant Urological Surgeon

Dr. Raveen Sandher


Dr Nkwan
Consultant Urological Surgeon

Dr. Nkwan Nkwan



What Our Patients Say

I’m very delighted with Dr Chaudhry Aqeel Safdar. Very pleasant and helpful doctor. I felt well informed of the procedure for my little one and the I’m very pleased with the nurse and the receptionist for their high standards of dealing with patients

Satisfied Patient

Verified by Pabau
I had a circumcision with glue done just over 3 weeks ago, and I am more than happy with the result. The procedure was painless and professional. After the procedure, Dr Khan is always available at any time of the day through his mobile and will reassure you about any concerns you have. If you are looking to get circumcised, then I recommend Dr Khan, as his reputation speaks for itself.

Satisfied Patient

Verified by Pabau
Had circumcision revision to tidy up previous surgery. Felt I was in skilled and experienced hands throughout. The doctor and nurse were friendly, which calmed my nerves, and the whole procedure took about an hour. The only slight discomfort was the anaesthetic injection. Otherwise, surgery was completely pain-free. The wound healed quickly and easily with no pain and no infection. Cosmetic outcome is excellent

Satisfied Patient

Verified by Pabau
I had a revision (circumcision) by Dr. Khan in Leyton Clinic and I felt relaxed during the operation. He got rid of the scars and excessive skin left from my previous operation done at a different clinic. I highly recommend Dr. Khan and his assistant, they were very polite. The post operation care was very good and everything healed properly.

Satisfied Patient

Leyton Clinic, London
I am writing regarding the circumcision experience which happened in surgery. According to my experience Dr Khan is the best doctor in this department. He listen to us He explained everything before and after circumcision He s well experience person I would recommend all of parents who want securely done circumcision for their baby's. I am happy of his service

Satisfied Patient

Leyton Clinic, London
Dr Khan is very experienced and knowledgable. The consultation was straight forward and simple. He performed the circumcision after the consultation. The anaesthetic was painful but the rest of the procedure and recovery were relatively painless. Aftercare was good. Highly recommend.

Satisfied Patient

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